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Driver App for Dumpster Rental Companies

The Dumpster Rental Systems Driver Application is the premier software for you and your employees to conduct business fast and efficiently. The DRS Driver App is the best dumpster application on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for dumpster rental management. Our application hosts a wide variety of features tailored specifically to meet, and exceed, your needs. 


The DRS Driver App has the following features:

  • Clock-in and Clock-out functionality that automatically reports times to the Control Panel, which can be used to calculate employee pay. 
  • Ability to view all customer information with shortcuts to route to the customer’s address, call the customer, or email the customer.
  • Configure your employee’s routes, with all orders and custom stops, in the Control Panel to have them appear in the application.
  • Information gathered during the ordering process, such as “Where would you like the dumpster placed?”, can be customized and automatically appears in the application.
  • Easily add internal notes and see customer notes on any order. 
  • Enter tonnage directly from the application that automatically updates the customers invoice. 
  • Assign serial number when checking out a dumpster, and create a list of custom statuses for checking a dumpster back in (whether “Full” or “Ready in Lot 1”).
  • All information is synced immediately between the Driver App and Control Panel. 
  • Color coded checkboxes mark dumpsters as delivered or picked up from the application and update the Dispatch screen of the Control Panel. Your dispatcher can easily see which jobs have not been completed. 
  • Take, or upload, photographs of the dumpster placement or tonnage ticket from the dump directly from the application. Images are automatically uploaded to the order and appear on the Control Panel. 
  • Use the application to record a payment, including swiped (additional hardware needed) and manually entered credit cards. 
  • Collect contract signatures directly on your mobile device or view a signed contract.
  • Easily open your Control Panel with an embedded link built-in. 
  • Assign tasks from the Control Panel directly to your employees to see, and mark complete, in the app with optional due dates.

Dumpster Rental App for Contractors



Coming Soon!

Growing and retaining customers is much easier when you conduct business simply and efficiently. To assist, we supplement your business with an application designed specifically for your contractors, remodelers, roofers, etc. With Dumpster Rental Systems, your customers have the ability to create an account with a username and password to facilitate their needs. The Contract Application is the easiest dumpster rental app for your clientele to quickly remedy any dumpster needs. 

Our application allows your customers to login and manage their individual account with your business! All customer information is retained, which means your clients can easily order a new dumpster or update an existing order. If your customer needs to schedule a pick-up or swap-out, then a simple press of a button will send an alert to your Control Panel notifying you to schedule the order. 

Invoice, order, and payment information are all available within the Contractor Application. Your contractors are often working on multiple different construction projects at different locations. Our software allows them to view all of their outstanding invoices to view, pay individually, or bulk pay. With ERSPay for Credit Card Processing, the credit card is saved on file and can be easily updated along with any other relevant account information.

Mobile Friendly Dumpster Rental Control Panel

Our entire Control Panel, which is used for placing orders, taking payments, configuring your account, etc., was designed for mobile use. Simply open up the Control Panel from within the DRS Driver App or through your web browser (we recommend using Google Chrome). We know you’re spending the majority of your day in the truck and on-the-job. Our mobile Control Panel allows you to manage your business from anywhere!

The full functionality of the Control Panel is available from your mobile device. Rather than an application, our software is web-based to allow us to make software updates immediately. The same is true for the background of our applications! The majority of issues have been solved without having to download an update.

Do you schedule new jobs while working on a job or en route? Need to pull up order information? Find yourself trying to keep track of inventory while scheduling swap-outs? Dumpster Rental Systems wants to ensure you have easy access to perform all of your business-related tasks. Simply open the Control Panel from within the Driver App or login via Google Chrome to ensure your business operations are running smoothly.

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